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Eyes That See – Beyond:

To capture the grandeur of Divine With my puerile basic rhyme A task I know I’ll not achieve Though thought or soul I perceive Lake Louise in translucent green and blue The Mojave Desert after rain while flowers grew

The Canyons, cliffs and colors vibrant The …

sounds of birds and water rushing discordant

When the dangers become apparent To all that lives and is verdant The Florida Keys, the Yucatan I never got to see Japan.

Driving in the Rocky Mountain Amazing changes of trees and rain To the eyes that never knew Grand nature I shared with you Each new thing that we came upon Your eyes lit up, they truly shone Real change came a year thereafter As these horizons freed your rapture.

I remember when you saw Sedona Coming through the forest past Oak Creek And all the things you said ‘We’re gonna’

Each time a new vista you did peek Was matched in all that you did seek Touched me more than I’d ever known Made me know how much I’ve grown The open eyes of children see Nature free as it should be Imagine this – you did thank me?! About the Author

Author and activist


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